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  • 3:14
  • Drama - Documentary
  • 26 February 2017 (Spain)
  • Fabrizio Tappero
  • Fabrizio Tappero
  • FocusAway
  • Description:
  • Video showing some excerpts of the music production process for the documentary Sergio directed by Carlos Caro.

    This video also includes an interview with the director sharing his experience in the music scoring and production process.

    This video was directed, recorded, produced and edited by FocusAway Productions.
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Interview with director Carlos Caro, sharing his experience of working on the score of his documentary Sergio.

music production workflow

  • Composition, Orchestration, Synth Programming
  • Drama, Documentary
  • Process Detail:

Spotting Sessions

There were lot of hours invested with director Carlos Caro in this project. During our conversations a lot of interesting questions came up. The music didn’t necesarily had to describe what it was already there. Instead the question was, how can music add something to this story that is not already there.


It was a very interesting and challenging project to work with in terms of composition since the music had to describe Sergio’s point of view. Being deaf, the first thing that came to my mind was “how does he hear and feels the world?”. The music describes his emotions, how he interacts with the world, with his family and how being deaf empowers his ability in some situations like running with the bulls. His theme is reused like a leit motif throughout the whole documentary to create consistency throughout all his story. There are also other themes but secondary ones. Since the documentary carries his name, the main focus is put on him.


The palette of sounds used for this documentary is mostly orchestral with a lot of piano.

Mixing And Mastering

Given that a great part of the documentary is based on interviews, the mix had to be done in a way that allows space in the center to locate all the dialogs given to them more clarity.